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Our intellectual property enables improved thermodynamics…  resulting in 30-50% more efficient operations.


The Gryphon Dryer requires only 1,000 BTU of thermal energy per pound of water evaporated for most suspensions.




Unprecedented Efficiency = Lower Operating Cost

By using unique and patented combinations of negative and positive air pressures, Gryphon has made it possible to use mass transfer and heat transfer to remove water from a suspension. The result is efficient and low-cost drying technology that makes it possible to convert biosolids and biomass into beneficial fertilizers or feeds without spending more money to process the material than the returned energy it can produce.

The performance of Gryphon dryers is best in industry with a 40% improvement in both operating costs and capital costs over prior technologies. The impact of the technology’s introduction has many benefits:

  • reduced capital costs
  • reduced operating costs (maintenance and energy)
  • hauling and landfill costs are reduced or eliminated
  • dried solids may be beneficially reused as fertilizer, insulation, etc…(ROI)
  • tax incentives are realized for equipment that produces renewable products