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  • Sectional, Repeatble Design – Enables additions to the length of the dryer for additional capacity. Reduces capital cost. Decreases lead times for delivery and installation.
  • Efficiency – Anticipated Thermal Energy Demand of 2.1 MMBTU Per Ton of Water Removed.
  • Re-circulated air stream reduces/eliminates exhaust released to atmosphere and associated permitting. Eliminates the needs for bag-houses, scrubbers or exhaust stacks.
  • Flexible throughput enabled by advanced temperature and air volume controls. – ON THE FLY AUTOMATION.
  • Advanced software enables “lights-out” operation and three-level alarming.
  • Reduced maintenance enabled by air filters that can be rapidly swapped during operation of the dryer.
  • Automated Dryer washing of chambers and belt.
  • Controllable Air Volume, Air Temperature, Height of In-feed, and Cycle Time.
  • Less than 45-minute Start-up time to begin processing with In-Line Heater.
  • Less than 15-minute Shut-down that includes 10 minutes of visual inspection.
  • Reduced installation time and cost, with an anticipated three weeks required for installation and initial start-up.
  • Excess Blower, Heater and Condenser capacity allows for increased volumes to be processed.
  • Remote diagnostics capability.
  • Low chamber temperature enhances drying safety.

Advanced Drying Technology.