Advanced Thermodynamics = Efficiency

Gryphon is the most efficient dryer in the market, simply due to:

1) Pressure differential drying design.

2) Re-circulation of the air-stream to promote stabilization and eliminating use of cold wet ambient air.

3)   Pre-heat of the recycled air by internal tubes within the dryer.

Gryphon Environmental, LLC supplies Advanced Drying Technology composed of a continuous-operation belt-driven dryer that uses compressed, heated air injection into a vacuum for maximum efficiency. The thermodynamic result is a rapid expansion of air as it passes through the waste residuals to promote the removal of water by evaporative AND a process called flow-through drying. The overall energy efficiency enables clients to dry suspensions at a fraction of traditional costs. With lower capital and operating costs, our technology is the first to produce significant returns on investment while providing advanced automation and the utmost in expandability and process flexibility.

Gryphon installed units are the most efficient systems available, often requiring less than 2.1 MMBTU of thermal energy per ton of water removed. Third party analysis has demonstrated a 45% reduction in Cost of Ownership over prior drying solutions. This is possible with the use of our patented pressure differential design.

Gryphon Sludge Dryer

    Advanced thermodynamics = Efficiency

Pressure differentials serve two primary roles in energy conservation.

  • The first is by enabling the heating of the air stream while the air has been slightly condensed. By its nature, condensed air obviously has a lower ACFM (actual cubic feet per minute). It is also slightly denser due to the molecules being in closer proximity. This promotes better heat transfer by the in-line natural gas burners.
  • Secondly, and most importantly, the heated, condensed air has a relative humidity (RH) of less than 1%. This is crucial, as it is the RH of the air that is injected into the biosolids for drying, and it will naturally pick up moisture WITHOUT HAVING TO BOIL THE WATER AND PRODUCE STEAM.