Automation = Hands-free Operation


Filter assemblies can be swapped within minutes.

Gryphon dryers are the most technologically robust and automated in the industry. Using Human Machine Interfaces (HMI touch panels) operators can adjust the dryer(s) settings in minutes. Pre-programmable options for dryness, inlet cake solids, maintenance, performance metrics and diagnostics are included with the equipment.

All dryers have lid lift assemblies for ease of access.

Data Feedback and Recording are enabled by the PLC. The Gryphon dryer records all pertinent data, including system air flow, temperatures and pressures to ensure optimal performance. Optional software and hardware enables advanced trend monitoring to ensure adherence and reporting of 503 Class A, EQ or quality control requirements.

Maintenance of the Gryphon Dryer is least labor-intensive of any available technology in the market. Automation and advanced design have led to a product that requires little more than visual inspection on the daily basis.

Standard auto-wash functions:
  – chamber wash (programmable duration and frequency)
– belt wash (programmable duration and frequency)
– condenser filter wash (programmable duration and frequency)

Remote Monitoring Data links provide the means for Gryphon to provide off-site monitoring of installed units. Gryphon engineering teams are able to provide trouble-shooting and engineering support remotely. This is a major advantage to keeping maintenance and repair costs to a minimum. Daily reports and alarm logs are accessed by our engineers and modifications to programming or system performance are provided.