Production of Three Biosolids Dryers begins for Municipalities in NC, PA and NY

March 18, 2020

March, 2020

Gryphon is pleased to serve three additional municipalities in NC, PA and NY. Production has begun for three units (Models 1040, 1020 and 1040, respectively) scheduled to install in 2020. The Gryphon Biosolids Dryers off efficient, sustainable processing of WWTP biosolids. The patented pressure-differential design enables a mechanically simply device to ensure Class A adherence. The advanced automation promotes biosolids quality while reducing the maintenance requirements of the units.

The three orders will mark the 4th, 5th and 6th municipal installations, processing 20-50 wet tons of biosolids daily.

Gryphon Model 1040 Biosolids Dryer

Gryphon Biosolids Dryer – 1040