Gryphon Dryer Installed to Dry Activated Carbon

Gryphon Model 0520

Gryphon’s expandable Model 0520 Dryer was installed in Nevada to process activated carbon. The confidential client processes the material from numerous locations and selected the Gryphon dryer for its advanced automation and closed-loop air system. The material can arrive at various forms and moisture contents. The advanced software and client-specific HMI enables the client operators to select the source of the material and the Gryphon computer systems alter the drying process to maintain quality control of the resulting dried material. Due to the very small particle sizes, the Gryphon dryer is uniquely suited to process the material. The re-circulating air stream nearly eliminates any exhaust from the system, and also controls dust that would normally cost millions of dollars to capture and permit.


click to a video of the installed unit