Model 1050 Dryer installed in IN for Hemp

December 6, 2019
Gryphon hemp dryer

September, 2019
Tid Griffin

The most advanced technology for hemp drying was installed in Indiana for gentle, efficient and economical processing of this remarkably beneficial plant. Gryphon’s automation software monitors the process temperatures and product temperatures every 3 feet in the 50-foot long Gryphon Model 1050 Dryer. Drying chopped cannabis from the field from ~75% to 8% moisture in less than 15 minutes, the Model 1050 can output 3,000 to 3,600 dry pounds of product per hour. Most importantly, the gentle, single-pass drying application uses high volume air with differentials to ensure complete preservation of the CBD and vital chemistry of the plant. Advanced automation, maximum efficiency and exceeded capacity (based on Gryphon’s promised specifications), make the Gryphon dryer the proven leader in the hemp and cannabis industries for quality control and protection of client ROI’s. We are remarkably pleased with the performance of the Model 1050. — T.G.