Large Model 10-series Dryers Enter Full Production

Gryphon released that its expandable, large-scale, Model 10-series dryers are now available for full production. Model 1020, 1030, 1040, 1050 and 1060’s are now installed, operational and entering full-scale production with three manufacturers. All quality control and final assembly occurs at the Owensboro Kentucky facility, prior to shipment. The large-scale dryers are remarkably flexible and can expand or contract to fit numerous applications in municipal WWT Plants, food and beverage facilities, agricultural biomass applications, and rendering plants.  The design greater reduces the time and cost of fabrication and as a result, reduces capital costs and installation time for clients. The systems are being sole-sourced in municipal applications due to the unique design and customer benefits. In combination with the proprietary mechanical design, technology advancements in automation enhance efficiency and sustainability, granting industrial clients full automation of their drying processes.

The expandable Gryphon Dryers are able to remove approximately 10-12 short tons of water per day, per 100 square feet of belt surface area (i.e. each 10 foot section added to the dryer). For example, a Model 1050 has a process area that is ten feet wide by fifty feet in length, and its 500 square feet of drying bed surface area can remove up to 60 tons of water daily. Yields are controlled to ensure that dried products adhere to strict quality controls, and numerous sensors provide interactive feedback to the Dryer’s PLC that automates necessary adjustments. All processing data is recorded and sent to Gryphon servers and the client’s control center to enable trend monitoring. The vast amount of data recorded by the trend monitoring system is a vital advancement in the continuous verification of Class-A biosolids (municipal), organic fertilizer certification (agricultural and food and beverage industry), or precise moisture content (industrial and agricultural settings).

The Gryphon Dryer affords our clients the most advanced technology in the market, at a price that is often 20-40% less than prior technologies. The thermal energy requirement can be drawn from bio/natural gas, steam or waste heat available at the site.