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Gryphon can utilize waste heat, low pressure steam, and/or exhausted stack heat as the thermal energy source for drying. Thus reducing the energy demand and greatly improving the client’s Return On Investment.

Heat Exchanger

Gryphon’s Heat Exchanger offers the highest levels of thermal efficiency while providing the simplest means of maintenance. Used as a condenser with the Gryphon Dryers, the heat exchanger enables a slide-out filtration assembly that allows operators to remove and replace (or clean-in-place) while in operation. In addition, the primary coils of the unit are assembled with stainless steel roller supports. This allows for the coils to be “rolled-out” of the unit for cleaning. At the bottom of the heat exchanger is a water collection area. Automated pumps within the unit are designed to remove condensed water once the collection area is full.

Used as a Heat Exchanger, the Gryphon unit allows steam-to-air, water-to-air or waste heat exchange. This design provides for the maximum levels of thermal exchange, packaged in a design that affords substantial reductions in required maintenance time.

Gryphon Heat Exchangers are available from 0.4 MMBTUH to 4 MMBTUH sizes.

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