Gryphon installs third municipal dryer of 2019

December 6, 2019
Sludge Dryer

Gryphon is pleased to have the Murfreesboro, TN dryer installed and operational. The biosolids dryer is processing undigested biosolids from ~15% TS (85% moisture) from fan presses to <10% moisture biosolids. The resulting solids are particlized for agricultural distribution using standard spreaders, with <0.1% of particles less than 1mm. The dust-free material exits the dryer at temperatures of > 200F, destroying pathogens and creating a Class A biosolids rich in nutrients. Using natural gas, the single-pass, pressure differential dryer is efficient, economical and easy to maintain. Advanced automation takes data from the biosolids being processed and automatically adjusts temperatures and processing speeds to ensure Class A Adherence. Taking dewatered sludge from 85 to <10% moisture in fifteen minutes, the Gryphon dryer sets the bar for the drying industry.