Gryphon Installs 03-Series Hemp Dryer – 09/2019

December 6, 2019
Gryphon hemp dryer

September, 2019
Tid Griffin

Gryphon installs advanced drying technology for hemp in Michigan. The unit processes hemp at controlled temperatures with automation to ensure oil and CBD protection. By monitoring the material temperature throughout and after the drying process, the Gryphon unit automatically adjusts throughput, process time, process temperatures and air volumes to ensure perfect quality control of the dried hemp. Specialized for the industry, the 2019 season provided our Michigan client with 100% retention of the CBD content from beginning to end of the drying process. With the single-pass dryer, Gryphon’s patented pressure differential dryer processes wet, chopped hemp from the fields from 75% to 8% moisture in approximately 10 minutes. Gentle and efficient drying, without tumbling or scorching, preserves the valuable chemistry of the plant.