Expandable Model 05-series Dryers Allow Rapid Production

Owensboro, KY, 2015 – Gryphon announces the large-scale production of low-to-mid sized dryers. With the announcement, Gryphon releases that the Model 05-series dryers can now be produced in less than 90 days, providing future clients with a rapid solution to their advanced drying needs. Multiple manufacturers have been contracted and the KY assembly and quality control operations can now produce these units with both the highest levels of quality and quickly. The model 05-series dryers for lower volume applications are designed for applications requiring 5-20 tons of water evaporation daily. These highly-automated, self-sustaining dryers provide our  clients with a flexible drying solution at fraction of traditional costs. More-over, the units can be expanded with minimal capital investment to meet the growing needs of client applications. Processing biosolids, biomass, proteins, rendering plant residuals, and agricultural products, these dryers offer the most advanced equipment, affordably, and in rapid time-frames.  Breaking the old barriers of good-fast-cheap, “pick two”.