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We take clients from site development to commissioning with advanced 3D software.


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Gryphon’s Advanced Drying Technology enables clients to reduce Capital and Operating costs with state of the art products. Sifting technology breaks de-watered sludge, biomass or residuals down to small particles prior to drying. Pressure and relative humidity differentials between the chamber and the lid promote the most efficient drying process in the industry, resulting in a 25-40% reduction in required thermal energy.

Flexible, modular design enables Gryphon to offer our products at a 30-50% lower capital cost. Chamber and Lid assemblies are placed in a series to expand the drying systems. These lids and chambers can be ordered in 5 or 10 foot wide sections. Using the same core components, systems can be built and installed to remove from 5 to 100 tons of water daily. Installations occur in weeks, and few moving parts results in high sustainability.

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