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Gryphon – Advanced Drying Technology

Innovative drying technology for any size of application.

Gryphon has combined innovative technology and repeatable manufacturing processes to provide clients with affordable, efficient and automated drying solutions. Our advanced design makes it more affordable to dry biomass, biosolids, sludge, plastics and proteins. Gryphon’s Advanced Drying Technology consists of a continuous belt drive system that is designed in segments (like lego blocks) to reduce costs and the demands of installation. With three, five and ten feet wide options, these segments are assembled in a series to produce a single, larger dryer with few moving parts. Dryers range in evaporative capacities from 2 tons of water removed daily up to 100 tons of water removed daily. Our dryers are known for being the most automated and maintenance-friendly available. Our unique utilization of air pressure differentials also make the Gryphon dryer the most efficient process available for drying your residuals or products. To cap it all off, our systems have a re-circulating air stream that eliminates or reduces the needs of air permitting while enhancing drying consistency. All of these advanced design features are wrapped around sophisticated control logic and software. The net result: Gryphon dryers provide the most advanced drying solutions available for any size of application.

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Technology Benefits

  • reduced capital costs
  • reduced power consumption
  • hauling costs are reduced or eliminated
  • landfill costs are reduced or eliminated
  • dried solids can replace fossil fuels
  • dried solids may be beneficially reused
  • tax incentives may be realized for equipment that produces renewable products